Wildflower 100% Raw Honey 500g

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Get back to your roots with this wildflower raw honey!
Our honey is sustainably harvested and extracted by hand in small batches.
Our honey has not been heated above hive temperature or filtered in order to maintain its savor and its apitherapy. That is why the texture will vary. 
This raw honey is full of wildflower flavours that dance on your taste buds and a warm fragrance that reflects the natural diversity of the Ontario Canada region. 
Raw Honey promotes digestive health, reduces throat irritations, strengthens the immune system, calms the nerves, stabilizes blood pressure, heals ulcers, purifies the blood, fights off colds and flu, nourishes your gut as it contains probiotics that help to keep the beneficial bacteria in the gut healthy and strong, promotes restorative sleep, has active enzymes, full of minerals, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral benefits, contains B-vitamins, contains protein, it's gluten-free & it's paleo-friendly.
Ania's Roots & Bees Honey is 100% raw, it's beesponsibly sourced, it's natural and it supports Ontario Apiarists. 

People have been using raw honey for centuries for its medicinal benefits & gourmet beeliciousness.
It's AMAZING with fresh fruit, salad dressings, marinades, herbal teas, matcha, breakfast bowls, parfaits, roasted veggies, nut mylks, raw desserts, granola, cakes, muffins, espresso, as face mask & pimple healing remedy plus much much more... 

We LOVE our BEES and we RESPECT their HIVES
Happy Bees 
make the most BEElicious Honey!

BEEkind & BEEhealthy,